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Saturday, December 3, 2022 11am - 3pm


Vendors that we have lined up:

United Women's Alliance - Mary Kate Carter

Fia's Fab Nails - Sophia Jaromay

Issy's Sweet Creations - Elizabeth Trost

Eternal Sensations, LLC - Joanna Merrill - Watson

Crafty Gypsy - Bethany Kohler

Folsom Helping Hands Knit - Mansi Arora

Reliable Home Improvement

Avon by Amy - Amy Findlay

Local Author - Sara Beth Williams

Jewelry ETC 4 U - Jacquie Wilson

Krissy's Crafts and Jewelry - Kristen Malone

Thirty One Gifts - Jenni Smethers

Paparazzi Jewelry - Lori Romero

Beach Creations - Ann Marie Young

Red Rusty Doodle - Natalya

Style Dots - Alisha Ervin

Sister's Craft Shop - Kao Yang

Vegan Plate

Pauline's Wreaths - Pauline Hernandez

Cindy's Elderberry - Cindy de Beer

Sparkle and Shine - Vienna Bustos

Her Gifted Designs - Phelisha Watts

Ramona's Xmas - Ramona Garcia

Stefani Frames - Diana Stefani

Half a Bubble Off Art/Sassy Static Pet Cubes - Valerie Heimerich

AT&T - Juan Moreno

Mary Kay - Mel Fee


Q: What size are the vendor spaces?

A: We have two sizes, 6x7 and 10x10.  These are true measured spaces, please plan accordingly.  (Keep in mind that a 6x7 space may require you to move a 6ft table a bit to be able to get behind it.)

Q: If there are many applications from a single company, how do you decide who receives the space?

A:  Quite simply, first come first serve.  The space must be reserved and paid in full within the allotted time to reserve your place.  We highly recommend using the online registration.

Q: So how do we pay for our space?

A: If you register online - and are approved, you will receive a link to make your payment through our online system.  Or, you have the option to pay via check or cash in person.  ALL spaces must be paid within two weeks of your approved application, and before the day of the event!

Q: What types of vendors do well at your Boutique?

A: We typically find that crafts, food items (fudge, jams, etc), and lower priced items typically do very well.  Direct Sales (Independent Consultants) are more than welcome and encouraged to be a part of the event, however we do find that they typically do not have as many sales as other vendors.  

Q: Do you have a participant jury?

A:  We do have a vetting process for vendors to ensure that we have a variety of vendors at our event.  When you apply, we will typically respond within 48 hours.

Q:  Do you allow more than one vendor from a specific company?

A:  No.  If we already have a vendor from a particular Direct Sales company, we will not allow a second.  However, we do allow like items from different vendors.  (Example: Avon & Mary Kay)  We do our very best to place like vendors apart from one another.


Q: Are vendors required to donate any items or proceeds to the ministry?

A: No!  Your only donation to the ministry comes in the form of your space fee.  All sales proceeds are yours!

Q: Do you require a seller's permit?

A: We ask that you comply with the state regulations regarding permits.  If you do have to apply for one, please DO NOT use the church address as your business address.  For more information please click here

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