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A little bit rummage sale, a little bit flea market, a little bit swap meet, a whole lot COMMUNITY!


Frequently Asked Questions

· Can I just donate my items to the church?

Unfortunately, we are not taking item donations.  We do not have the storage capacity or the means to price, set up, and haul away.  This creates a great opportunity for you to host your own space!

· Will you haul away the goods that I don’t end up selling?

You are fully responsible to make sure that your space is cleaned up after the Marketplace is closed. We will not have extra storage space or a haul away service available.

· Do I have to give a percentage of my sales to Foundation?

Nope!  Whatever you make, you keep!

· What kinds of things can I sell?

Consider this Marketplace as one giant yard sale!  As long as it is family friendly, it is generally appropriate.  (Please refer to the “Prohibited Items” section on the space registration for more information!)

· What do I need to bring?

You will need to supply your own shade canopy (if you want to use one), tables, change for cash sales, means for cash app sales (venmo, etc...if you would like to offer that type of payment), your wares, and a chair.  

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