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What to expect at our Sunday Services:

We welcome you to join us in our main worship center for our Sunday Worship services beginning at 9am.


Our multi-generational congregation has a fairly wide range of attire. We don't get caught up in what anyone is wearing, as long as it's appropriate! We are a "come as you are" kind of church!


We will begin with a call to worship where we read scripture to center our hearts and minds on Jesus.

Then, we sing songs of worship and praise as a way to thank Jesus for all that He is, and for all that He has done. We usually have a full band consisting of piano, keyboard, electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic guitar, and drums. We sing a variety of styles from new songs just released this year, to the most cherished hymns.

Just after the final worship song, we take a few moments of reflection to pray individually. If anyone is in need of someone to pray with them, we do have prayer counselors available.

Shortly after prayer time, our members take part in worship by giving of their tithes and offerings. This is a way for those who call Foundation Christian Church home to help pay the bills and spread the gospel to our community. (Please note that visitors are never requested to give any money towards the church offering.)

Once we have moved on from the giving, we are then blessed by the word from one of our pastors. Our teaching is always biblically based. If you do not have a bible - we will gladly gift you with one to use for the service, and take home with you! We regularly employ the use of different learning techniques such as visual and written aides - in addition to the preaching. Our preferred translation of scripture is the New Living Translation as we believe that it is easier to understand than some other translations.

Service ends at 10:15am.


We observe the sacrament of Communion monthly on the first Sunday of each month as a part of our worship time (excluding December - as we are observing Advent). Our Communion elements include grape juice and a cracker or wafer (gluten-free option is available). We have ushers placed in the front corners of the Worship Center at the designated time and the congregation is invited to come forward in a line to receive the elements. The elements are taken back to your seat and we eat and drink together.

Foundation Kids

Our kids (nursery age - 5th grade) have a place to learn while you are enjoying the main service on Sunday mornings! If you have kids, please sign them in at their classrooms before 9am, and you will pick them up after service right where you dropped them off!

Communion Sunday: The first Sunday of each month our 4th-6th grade class is dismissed from the main service after they have experienced communion with their families.

To learn more about our Kids program, click here!

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