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What is the Secret Sister Program?

The Secret Sister program at Foundation Christian Church is a unique way to share the love of Christ with a sister in the Lord!  You are assigned a "sister" for the year, and you will get to know about her by the information that she fills out at the beginning of the program.  From that, you can learn how best to pray for her.  You can send her cards, and small gifts if you would like.  It's a wonderful reminder to her that she is loved and prayed for!  And, while you are doing that for YOUR sister, someone is doing that for you!

All participants need to have their forms filled out and turned in by Sunday, July 2nd.  You will be given the name of your "Sister" on Sunday, July 9th!

Frequently Asked Questions:

If it's anonymous, how do I give my "sister" the cards and/or gifts?

You can do this a few different ways: 

1) We WILL be asking participants to provide their mailing addresses (which will only be given to their secret sister).  This is likely the easiest way to send anonymously.

2) We will have a designated table to place your items at church!  We encourage all ladies to check the table after service "just in case"!

3) You can get creative and ask random people who can keep a secret to hand your secret sister whatever you have for her!

4) You can send items to the church office and the volunteers can put your cards at the table for you!

Will we ever know who our "sister" is?

Of course!  Each year will end in a "Sister Reveal" Ice Cream Social in July!  And at that time we will be given our "sisters" for the next year.

What if someone leaves or moves during the year?

We will keep a master list (held in a top secret cave) and will make sure that NOBODY gets forgotten!

What if someone joins the church in the middle of the year?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the "Secret Sister" program, they would have to wait until the next July to participate officially.  BUT that never prohibits us from unofficially praying for, and encouraging, someone!  In fact, we hope that everyone does that anyways!

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