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2022 Boutique Map and Vendor List

2022 Map Workup.png

Holly Berry Lane Vendors:

Krissy's Crafts and Jewelry

Local Author, Sara Beth Williams

Folsom Helping Hands Knit

Half a Bubble Off Art

Sassy Static Pet Cubes

Paparazzi Jewelry

Avon by Amy

Stefani Frames

Reindeer Village Vendors:

Her Gifted Designs

Jewelry Etc 4 U

Vegan Plate

Sparkle and Shine

Eternal Sensations LLC

Pauline's Wreaths

Style Dots

Cindy's Elderberry

Issy's Sweet Creations

Thirty One Gifts

Ramona's Xmas

United Women's Alliance

Sister's Craft Shop

Red Rusty Doodle

Fia's Fab Nails

Crafty Gypsy

Beach Creations

Reliable Home Improvement

Mary Kay


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